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Taguig.com Community Group FAQ

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New to the Taguig.com Community?
We're glad joined us! We're a friendly group. :)
Below is a list of most frequently asked questions by new members:
1.) What is the Taguig.com Community section? What should I talk about here?
The Taguig.com Community group is a place for residents, travelers and expats in the greater Taguig area to chat with each other, get to know each other, meet new people, and share local news & information.

On the forums you can discuss local local news, local events, recommend a restaurant, ask for local business suggestions, chat about the weather, etc. New members are encouraged to introduce themselves to the group. You can review the full Community Agreement for a complete list of forum rules, but generally if you keep things PG and good spirited, you'll probably do well here. :)

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2.) What are @Mentions?
When you post a message on the Community group and include the @ symbol before a person's username, it will send that person a notification about your message, alerting them that they have been "mentioned".

If you write a message on the group like this:
Hey @john123, what's up?
The message will post publicly on the community feed as normal, and it will also send a private notification to user "john123" telling him he was mentioned by you, and will provide john123 a direct link to your message.

Use the @mention feature any time you want to make sure a particular member sees one of your posts.

Typically you will use @mention many times while posting on the forums. As a shortcut, if you click the "Reply" button below someone's message it will automatically include the correct @mention text to mention that person in your text.

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3.) What is the Ignore List and how do I use it?
The "Ignore List" is a feature to block messages from certain people or to hide specified forum discussions from your account.

Sometimes it can make your forum experience better by blocking people you may have a personality clash with, or turning off discussions you find annoying or objectionable.

How do I add something to my Ignore List?

To ignore a person, click on their profile name next to a message they've posted on the forums. This will display the member's profile menu. Then choose the "Block / Ignore this Person" option.

To ignore a discussion, click on the gray "down" arrow to the right of the first message in the discussion, and click the "Hide / Ignore this Discussion" option.

To edit your Ignore List, including removing someone from the list, use the "Ignore List option under the main "Forum Menu" at the top right of the forum home page.

What happens when you Ignore someone?

When you ignore a person, you will no longer see that person's posts, and that person will no longer see your posts. It's important to realize that the "Ignore" is two-way: they don't see your stuff and you don't see theirs. It also will prevent the two of from sending each other private messages, and seeing certain profile information. The ignored person is not notified when they are put on ignore. If someone has you on ignore, you will not see discussions they have started. You will also not see their replies and instead will see a message telling you that the reply is not visible.

Generally, it's a good idea to use the Ignore List when needed to reduce conflict and improve your experience on the forums.

View my Ignore List »

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4.) How do I stop getting so many Emails?
Getting too many emails? We can fix that! You have a lot of control over which emails you receive from the website on your Forum Settings page, found under the "Forum Menu" at the top right of the Forum home page.

If you have any trouble, please contact us and someone can help you personally!

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5.) What are PM's? How can I send / read them?
"PM" stands for "Private Message", and is a way to communicate with other Taguig.com members individually and privately, rather than using the public Community group.

Click the letter / mail icon at the very top right of any page to send or read your PMs.

Quick Link:
Private Messaging »

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6.) How do I change my member profile photo?
Quick Link:
Change my member profile photo »

You can also find this under the "My Account" link => "Change My Profile Photo" link.

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7.) When should I Flag a message, and how do I do it?
If you see a message that is potentially breaking the website's Community Agreement, you can Flag it to bring it to the attention of a moderator.

To flag a message:

At the top right of a forum message, click the gray "triple dots" icon to show the message menu, then click the "Flag / Report" option.

Flagging will send an alert to the moderator. It does not notify the person you're flagging that their message was flagged -- this info is kept private. Flagging a message will guarantee a moderator will take a look at the message and make a moderator decision about whether it's allowed or not. Please feel free to flag something even if you're not sure a message is violating rules or not. Flagging something is preferred over @mentioning or PM'ing a moderator because it is connected to internal moderator controls that helps us keep track of the issue and make sure it's handled in a timely way.

With so many messages posted on a regular basis, we do rely on reports from members to keep the forums an inviting community for everyone!

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Have a question that wasn't answered? Feel free to send us an email!

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